Special counsel investigating Biden documents hasn't started yet, didn't oversee DOJ search

 January 23, 2023

Robert Hur, the special counsel appointed to oversee the investigation into the classified documents found at several locations owned or used by President Joe Biden, has not even come on board to begin his probe more than 10 days after he was appointed.

Hur did not oversee the DOJ search of Biden's Wilmington home on Friday; instead, U.S. Attorney John Lausch who oversaw the initial review of the matter handled the search, according to a tweet by Paula Reid at CNN.

Biden apparently asked for the search to make sure there were no more documents in the residence.

He seems to be bending over backwards to cooperate with the probe, but the number of different document caches that have been found is disconcerting.

Some documents are from Senate years

What was he doing with all of those documents? How did he get them? How long has he had them? Hopefully, the probe will bring answers to these questions.

The latest reports are that some of the estimated 20 to 30 total documents are from Biden's Senate days, which means that he has had them illegally for 14 to 50 years.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reacted incredulously on his Verdict podcast to the latest find, noting that Senators have to go down into the basement with no electronics and read classified documents in the "SCF," or Secure Compartmentalized Facility.

"It's stunning," Cruz said. "Every day, it keeps getting worse and worse and worse for Joe Biden."

Cruz said Biden would know that he had done something wrong by taking a classified document out of a SCF or other secure location.

Biden is careless

Some have said that Biden's cooperation is because classified documents are signed out, and there would be a record of the documents Biden had taken.

The DOJ is reportedly considering searching other Biden properties for documents after the latest find. Those searches would also be consensual.

The ongoing nature of the discoveries is making Biden's document scandal seem worse than Trump's.

In some ways, it may be: Trump was not as cooperative, but was working on turning documents over when the FBI jumped the gun and raided Mar-A-Lago, but it was one location for a shorter period of time than Biden's documents.

Biden just seems careless now, which is not a good thing considering is will probably be running for re-election as the leader of the free world in 2024.

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