Special Counsel Jack Smith reported stared at Trump through out court hearing

 June 15, 2023

Former President Donald Trump appeared in a federal court on Tuesday where he pleaded not guilty to 37 criminal charges relating to his handling of classified documents.

Those charges stem from an investigation carried out by Special Counsel Jack Smith, who was also present in the courtroom and is said to have engaged in some bizarre behavior. 

Smith "never broke his stare at Trump"

According to the Independent, Smith "reportedly stared down former President Donald Trump throughout the entirety of Mr. Trump’s arraignment in Miami on Tuesday."

That was the description offered by Guardian contributor Hugo Lowell, who said that the special counsel "was in the front row of the courtroom for Trump’s arraignment today — and stared towards the former president for essentially the entire appearance."

Meanwhile, CBS News reporter Graham Kates described how Smith "closely watched Trump as Trump exited slowly at the end," adding that he "never broke his stare at Trump."

Critics call Smith's behavior "creepy"

While some left-wing Twitter users reacted to Smith's performance with praise, conservatives characterized his conduct as being "creepy."

The Independent noted that Trump has had harsh words for Smith, saying in a Truth Social post that he is a "thug" and a "Trump hater" who "who probably 'planted' information."

Trump was apparently unfazed by Smith's antics and later appeared upbeat at at Miami restaurant where supporters wished him a happy birthday.

Poll shows 61% of GOP voters want Trump to be nominee

Republican voters seem untroubled as well, with a CBS News poll between June 9 and June 10 showing that 61% still want him as their nominee.

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