Special prosecutor in Trump Georgia case was held in contempt last year

 January 15, 2024

The case against former President Donald Trump out of Georgia has taken an insane turn for the worst for prosecutors involved in the case.

According to Politico, Special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who has been accused of having an inappropriate romantic and financial relationship with Fulton County DA Fani Willis, was held in contempt "for defying a court order in an acrimonious divorce proceeding with his wife."

That happened just days after Willis issued the state indictment against the former president.

The contempt charge came after Wade reportedly withheld financial information from his wife in the divorce process.

Getting messy

A bombshell revelation came to light last week when a lawyer for a co-defendant in the Trump election case claimed in court filings that Wade had had an affair with Willis.

After that news went public, Wade's wife filed to subpoena Willis in the divorce case, making matters extremely legally messy for both Willis and Wade, as well as raising questions about her case against Trump and how that might be affected.

Willis was accused of paying Wade exorbitant amounts of money for his legal services.

Politico pointed out that Wade's experience level in such a high-profile legal situation involving Trump didn't line up with someone that Willis would have reasonably hired.

The outlet noted:

Wade is himself a divorce lawyer — the website for his Atlanta law firm touts “decades of experience” handling divorce cases. He has little experience running complex, high-profile criminal prosecutions, and Willis’ decision to hire him as a “special prosecutor” in the Trump case has come under intense scrutiny in recent days.

Social media reacts

In addition to Trump reacting to the case and calling for Willis to be removed and the case be thrown out, social media users offered similar takes.

"Fani picked her mediocre married boyfriend, whose a divorce attorney and never prosecuted a felony case, to take on Trump," one X user wrote.

"Fani Willis is a homewrecker and destroyed a marriage. She paid Nathan Wade over $700,000 and took blatantly illegal lavished vacations around the world. If all these allegations are true, not only will Willis not remain on the Trump case, but she may go to prison," another X user wrote.

It'll be truly interesting to see how these new and shocking developments affect the case against Trump.

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