Split among House Democrats as some join with GOP to censure Rashida Tlaib

 November 8, 2023

According to Fox News, the House of Representatives voted this week to censure Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib over a series of anti-Israel comments.

Fox News noted that the push to censure Tlaib largely came from Republicans. However, 22 Democrats joined in the effort, a move that may doom their party's hope for unity. 

Congressman compares chant to Mein Kampf

Among those voting in favor of the motion was Florida Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz, who denounced Rashid during an interview on Monday with CNN host Jake Tapper.

Breitbart reported that Moskowitz took exception to Tlaib's use of the phrase "from the river to the sea," which is often heard as a chant used by anti-Israel demonstrators.

"'From the river to the sea' means the destruction of Israel and everyone who’s in it, okay? Just like 'Mein Kampf' is not a coloring book and the final solution means exactly what Hitler meant it to mean," Breitbart quoted Moskowitz as telling Tapper.

Moskowitz disputes Tlaib's claim

For her part, Tlaib has defended the term, arguing last week in a post on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter that the words are "call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence."

However, Moskowitz shot back with a post of his own the following day, saying that "the people who use it (like Hamas), call for the elimination of the State of Israel."

Moskowitz also tied Rashid to the Third Reich, writing, "The statement has no other meaning. Just like the term 'Final Solution' has no other meaning."

Tlaib releases ad attacking Joe Biden

Rather than showing any signs of backing down, Tlaib has gone on the offense, including against the leader of her own party.

She released an advertisement this past Friday attacking President Joe Biden over his administration's continued support for Israel.

The video accused Israel of perpetrating genocide while interspersing scenes of Israeli airstrikes with protests in the United States.

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