Far-left 'Squad' member Rep. Pressley says DOJ will 'go on a murdering spree' of death row executions if Trump is re-elected

 May 25, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has been subjected to innumerable outrageous accusations by his Democratic critics, both personally and politically, up to and even including allegations of murder.

The latest example of such insanity comes from far-left progressive "Squad" member Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), who asserted Wednesday that Trump, if re-elected, would direct his Department of Justice to go on a "murdering spree," according to Fox News.

The key here is that the purported "victims" that Pressley and other Democrats want to protect from a prospective Trump DOJ "murdering spree" are, in fact, convicted murderers awaiting execution on federal death row.

A conservative blueprint for the next Republican administration

Rep. Pressley's murder spree accusation against former President Trump came on Wednesday during a House Oversight Committee hearing on the Office of Personnel Management, when she used her opportunity to question a witness to instead launch into a sharply critical rant against a document outlining substantial governmental changes that should be made by the next Republican administration, according to The Hill.

Known as "Project 2025," the 920-page document prepared by the conservative Heritage Foundation provides detailed plans and policy proposals for virtually every federal department and agency, including the use of an executive order known as "Schedule F" that would authorize the president to fire career civil servants at will and replace them with loyalists who will enact instead of obstruct the president's agenda.

That, of course, presents a serious threat to the federal bureaucracy's current progressive agenda favored by Pressley and other Democrats, which prompted the Massachusetts congresswoman to "sound the alarm" about the imminent dire danger posed by a potential second Trump administration.

"Project 2025 would destroy the federal government as we know it"

"Project 2025 is a far-right manifesto," Rep. Pressley said. "It is a one-thousand-page bucket list of extremist policies that would uproot every government agency and disrupt the lives of every person who calls this country home."

Among some of the "highlights" she shared, the far-left "Squad" member asserted, "The Department of Justice would go on a murdering spree. It would rush to use the death penalty and expand its use to even more people while circumventing due process protections."

Pressley also claimed that, if Project 2025 were enacted, the Department of Education would be "eliminated," certain books would be banned from schools and certain words banned from governmental usage, and abortion "would be inaccessible and illegal, no matter where you live."

"Now, we could have an entire hearing on how these policies would quite literally ruin and end lives -- and I didn’t even touch upon proposals for housing, climate change, worker protections, and more," she continued. "If enacted, Project 2025 would destroy the federal government as we know it."

Pressley takes aim at Project 2025's director

As her time to speak ended, Rep. Pressley eventually got to the point of her rant about Project 2025 and took note of its director, Paul Dans, who previously served as the OPM's chief of staff under the prior Trump administration.

"I am concerned about the ethics of Mr. Dans leveraging non-public information or relationships forged during his government service to lead and advance this far-right, extremist agenda," she claimed. "We need oversight and accountability of Project 2025."

While Pressley's hyperbolic rhetoric about Project 2025 may be overblown, she and other far-left Democrats are right to be concerned about the future of their destructive progressive agenda if the conservative blueprint for the next Republican president is fully enacted as planned.

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