Stefanik's campaign reveals $20K in donor checks were stolen in mail

 December 2, 2022

Nearly $20,000 in donor checks to Rep. Elise Stefanik's (R-NY) campaign were stolen in the mail.

Her campaign sent a letter to the postmaster general on Thursday to address the targeted theft.

The evidence

"Congresswoman Stefanik and her campaign supporters are not the only Americans who have been victimized by mail theft. Mail theft is rampant in the United States, and USPS appears unwilling or unable to effectively deter or prevent it," the letter said, according to the Washington Examiner.

"The campaign has also raised concerns about personal data issues, including concerns of identity theft for some individuals, with the theft of the checks," it added.

Stefanik's alliances

Stefanik's campaign argues her donor funds were targeted attacks. If so, it's unclear why she was targeted.

Her alliances have long been both to conservatives in general and former President Donald Trump in particular, including a recent attack of Special Counsel Jack Smith.

“The facts are clear: Jack Smith is compromised,” Stefanik told Breitbart News. “Joe Biden’s weaponized DOJ has launched an illegitimate special counsel to investigate his number one political opponent.”

“Where is the investigation into his criminal son Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings with Joe Biden?” she asked. “House Republicans will hold the Biden Crime Family accountable.”

Stefanik has also been strongly outspoken against the Biden administration's failed policies that have contributed to inflation and weak border protection.

"Joe Biden’s failed policies continue to crush our small businesses," she tweeted Thursday. "@HouseGOP is committed to an economy that is STRONG and will rein in inflation crippling our small businesses," she added.

The new theft report deserves a clear and swift investigation to protect lawmakers and those who contribute to support them.

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