Stephen King's Obama tweet goes viral, but not for the reason he expected

 March 8, 2024

Leftist author Stephen King's recent attempt to slam former President Trump has gone viral - but not for the reason that the author wanted. 

King, last weekend, attempted to capitalize off of Trump's alleged mixup of President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama.

The author, on his X account, wrote, "Trump seems to think Obama is still president."

In case you missed it, the Trump incident occurred last week during a campaign rally that Trump held in Virginia.

Was it a mistake?

Trump, at the rally, said this, "Putin has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the nuclear word. You heard that. Nuclear. He’s starting to talk nuclear weapons today."

Trump, here, was clearly referring to the president of the United States. The only thing is that the current president is not Obama but Biden.

The political left, including King, immediately tried to capitalize on this situation, claiming that Trump is having old age issues. The left even highlighted the fact that this is not the first time that Trump has made this "mistake."

Trump, however, says that it is no mistake. He has stated that he mixes Biden and Obama up on purpose to call attention to the theory that it is Obama, not Biden, who is actually running America.

Some commentators have even gone so far as to refer to Biden's administration as Obama's "third term." Among other things, these commentators point to the fact that, at least initially, Biden's administration was filled with Obama personnel. Supporters of the theory also point to this.

King's tweet backfires

As stated earlier, King was one of those leftists who tried to capitalize off of Trump's alleged error. But, it all went wrong for King - and Obama and Biden, for that matter.

Immediately after the tweet was published, social media users flooded King's page with responses, saying, essentially, that Trump did not make a mistake - that Obama is running the country.

One user, for example, wrote, "Well, there is plenty of reason to believe Obama is playing puppetmaster; pulling Joe's strings." Another wrote, "King seems to think Biden is capable of being president without someone calling the shots behind the scenes."

There are countless replies of this nature. King's tweet ended up going viral, garnering nearly two million views at the time of this writing.

This has to be infuriating to both Obama and Biden. Either Biden has been deemed an ineffectual leader, or Obama is getting credited with Biden's disastrous administration.

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