Steven Crowder claims emotional abuse video was deceptively edited

 April 29, 2023

Many were shocked last week by video footage showing conservative podcast star Steven Crowder berating and threatening his pregnant his wife.

However, Crowder has since claimed that the video was selectively edited in order to hide the full story.   

"I will f--k you up"

Left-wing Twitter accounts highlighted footage in which Crowder could be seen demanding that his wife provide medication to his dogs.

When his wife responded that the medication could be toxic to pregnant women, Crowder grew irate and eventually said, "I will f--k you up."

Crowder also complained that his wife was monopolizing their car and demanded that she use Uber to run household errands.

Crowder say video was "misleadingly edited"

For his part, the comedian and political commentator released a statement on Friday in which he said that more information would be released to provide context.

"Broken marriages are ugly. In them, people do ugly things, myself of course included, and I would never claim otherwise," Crowder said.

"Due to recent misleadingly edited leaks to the tabloid press, without context and not subject to consequences of the court … well, if not privacy, the next best option is truth," he continued.

Host says he "picked wrong" when he married his wife

"And so today, I have filed a motion to officially unseal all files as they relate to the matter of legal record. Finances, relevant medical records, including mental health history or evaluations, depositions, and any motions of sanctions from the courts of Texas," Crowder explained.

"I will NOT be leaking private marital information to the press, but if the privacy agreements are not respected by all parties, I will address that [as] a matter of irrefutable legal record, in full context, next week," he stressed.

The New York Post noted that Crowder had earlier addressed his divorce in a video last week, saying that the split was "horrendous."

"It’s been the most heartbreaking experience in my life," the host told his audience. Crowder described his marriage as "my deepest personal failure," adding, "It’s no one else’s fault but my own … I picked wrong."

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