Stormy Daniels' credibility in spotlight ahead of possible testimony in Trump hush money trial

 January 21, 2024

As Donald Trump continues to fight legal battles on multiple fronts, adult entertainer Stormy Daniels' recent indication that she plans to testify at the former president's “hush money” trial, as reported by ABC News, may end up being just the miracle he needs to transform the case into a best-case scenario for his election hopes.

Currently scheduled to begin on March 25, the upcoming trial involves 34 felony counts against the former president, who stands accused of falsifying business records regarding payments to Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential election meant to prevent disclosure of allegations of an affair between the two, which Trump has denied.

Poised to testify

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, recently discussed the upcoming trial during an episode of her podcast, Beyond the Norm.

It was then that she made reference to her anticipated role in the proceedings.

“Obviously, things have been next level crazy since I am set to testify in, at this point in time, March,” she said, referring to the case against Trump.

The office of Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg has not commented on Daniels' potential participation, and her own lawyer, Clark Brewster, appeared uncertain about what might occur in the courtroom.

“That will be their call. I have no clue as to their timing, strategy, and whether they will call her as a witness,” Brewster explained.

Credibility questions abound

If Daniels does ultimately testify in the Trump trial, her personal credibility will assuredly be under the microscope, something that could ultimately prove a blessing for the former president, given the adult film star's colorful and rather unorthodox lifestyle.

As the South China Morning Post notes, in addition to her career in adult entertainment, Daniels seems to have been attempting to capitalize heavily on her notoriety, penning an explosive memoir, hawking merchandise, and making a range of personal appearances for money.

She has also moved into the controversial world of psychic readings and tarot card readings, collaborating with a medium and reiki master known as “Carly Sacred,” and she has been involved with “paranormal investigations” in recent months, according to the outlet.

“Best-case scenario” for Trump?

The start date for the “hush money” trial, though originally set for late March, still remains somewhat up in the air, due to the other matters in which Trump may need to appear for in-person proceedings, as Newsweek explains, including his federal election interference case, currently slated to begin early that same month, but which remains beset by potential appeal-related delays.

The New York judge presiding over the Daniels case, Juan Merchan, has indicated his willingness to postpone the trial in order to prevent conflicts with other cases in which Trump is a defendant, with the aforementioned federal matter prominent among them.

Even so, at least one legal commentator believes that if the Stormy Daniels case is indeed the first of Trump's legal matters to go to trial, it may be “a best-case scenario” for the former president, as Newsweek further noted.

Legal analyst Danny Cevallos gave voice to this opinion last month, saying that the hush money case is “unquestionably” the weakest one Trump currently faces and that an acquittal secured well in advance of November and before the other matters go to trial would only bolster his chances of electoral success.

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