Stormy Daniels' husband says they may flee the U.S. if Trump is found not guilty

 May 17, 2024

Stormy Daniels, the porn actress whose 2016 hush money payment underlies the criminal charges former President Donald Trump faces in New York, testified during the trial last week.

Now her husband, fellow porn star Barret Blade, has suggested that they may flee the country if Trump is ultimately found not guilty once the trial has concluded, according to the Daily Mail.

He further insinuated that they may leave the U.S. even if Trump is found guilty, out of fear of possible retribution from Trump's loyal supporters, and lamented a perceived lack of support for Daniels from other anti-Trump individuals and groups.

May flee the country if Trump is acquitted

On Tuesday, Blade spoke with CNN host Erin Burnett about the blowback Daniels has received over her years-old allegation of a 2006 affair with then-businessman Trump and testimony of such, and said of the outcome of the trial, "​​Either way, I don’t think it gets better for her. I think if it’s not guilty, we got to decide what to do. Good chance we’ll probably vacate this country."

He left open the possibility that they would flee the country even if Trump was found guilty, due to concern about what some of Trump's supporters might try and do to Daniels, and stated, "I don’t see it as a win situation either way. I know that we would like to get on with our lives. I know that she wants to move past this. We just want to do what I guess you’d say 'normal people' get to do in some aspects but I don’t know if that ever will be, you know, and it breaks my heart."

Later in the interview, Blade reiterated that his wife simply wants to "get on with her life" and told Burnett, "As much as it’s boring for the media to keep hearing it over and over again, it sucks for her to have to keep saying the same thing over and over and over again. It wears on her, but she’s a warrior."

An alleged lack of support for Daniels

The Daily Mail reported that Blade, 50, quietly became the fourth husband of Daniels, 45, last year after the pair had been friends for roughly 25 years, and he became emotional during the CNN interview while addressing what he perceived as a lack of support for his wife from other accusers and women's groups aligned against the former president.

"I don't see people fighting back for her, for instance, E. Jean Carroll. Although we're super happy that everything happened for her happened," he said of the columnist who won a defamation suit over Trump's denial of her unproven allegations of sexual assault in the 1990s. "Stormy opened the door. Stormy got sued for the exact same two comments but she's gotta pay legal fees. No one wants to help her for that."

"Or the women's groups. She fights for women's groups all day long. I don't see anyone doing Gofundmes to try and help with her legal fees and help her," Blade added before turning his attention to Daniels' disgraced and convicted ex-attorney. "Michael Avenatti, he did a Gofundme to try to help her, then he ended up stealing all her money!"

Trump's trial

The Daily Mail noted that Daniels' testimony against former President Trump about their alleged 2006 encounter was broadly panned by many court watchers and legal analysts as being unnecessarily salacious in detail and "extremely prejudicial" to the jury.

Trump faces dubious felony charges of falsifying business records to cover up his 2017 reimbursement payments to then-personal attorney Michael Cohen for a $130,000 "hush money" payment to Daniels in 2016 to silence her about that alleged affair ahead of the election.

The former president has long denied Daniels' claims and professed his innocence of the charges brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, which he insists are part of a broader politically motivated plot to interfere in this year's election and diminish his chances to win re-election by sidelining him from the campaign trail with multiple indictments and related court appearances and expenses.

He also decried the apparent bias of the presiding judge in the case and a gag order imposed against him that infringed upon his free speech and disadvantaged him in the race against President Joe Biden by unconstitutionally limiting what he could say about the case and those who are arrayed against him.

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