Supporters say Trump's decision to cut Palestinian funding vindicated by gruesome attack

 October 12, 2023

The world was shocked this week when Hamas unleashed a bloody assault on southern Israel that left over 1300 people dead.

Some observers say those horrifying scenes have vindicated then-President Donald Trump's decision to cut off Palestinian aid. 

Trump signed law named for American who was killed by terrorists

Trump signed a piece of legislation in 2018 known as the Taylor Force Act, which was named after an American who died in a terror attack.

It prohibits U.S. tax dollars from being sent to the Palestinian Authority so long as it provides stipends to the families of terrorists who have been killed or sent to Israeli prisons.

What's more, Breitbart contributor Joel Pollak noted in an op-ed piece published on Wednesday that Trump also cut funds to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which has been accused of funding those who promote terror.

Biden administration has sent hundreds of millions to Palestine

"In 2020, Trump’s peace plan for the Middle East offered the Palestinians $50 billion if they made peace with Israel," Pollak continued before adding, "They refused."

Pollack also pointed out that President Joe Biden has taken a very different approach to the issue, sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Palestinian groups, including those that support terror.

Meanwhile, Breitbart reported on Tuesday that Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk ordered the Biden administration to release documents relating to its funding of Palestinian organizations.

State Department documents suggest aid may have helped Hamas

That order was made in response to a lawsuit filed by the conservative group America First Legal and Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson.

It also came roughly two months after The Washington Free Beacon reported that it had obtained State Department documents which admitted that U.S. aid may help the terror group Hamas.

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