Supreme Court declines to hear appeal from Derek Chauvin

November 21, 2023

In a controversial decision, the Supreme Court just refused to hear an appeal from former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. 

According to CBS News, the nation's highest judicial body announced on Monday that it would not hear Chauvin's request for a new trial.

Lawyers says Chauvin was denied his right to a fair trial

Chauvin was convicted in April of 2021 on three counts in connection with the death of George Floyd and later sentenced to 2021 years in prison.

In addition to his state conviction, Chauvin also received a 21-year federal prison sentence for violating Floyd's civil rights.

Video footage of Chauvin putting his knee on Floyd during an arrest in the spring of 2020 quickly went viral and led to mass riots which resulted in dozen of murders.

The former police officer's lawyers argued that their client was deprived of his right to a fair trial when their request for a change of venue and a sequestered jury was denied.

Brief argues that jurors were intimidated by fear of more rioting

"Mr. Chauvin's case shows the profound difficulties trial courts have to ensure a criminal defendant's right to an impartial jury consistently when extreme cases arise," his lawyers were quoted as saying in their filing.

They also added that jurors "had a vested interest in finding Mr. Chauvin guilty in order to avoid further rioting in the community in which they lived and the possible threat of physical harm to them or their families."

CBS News noted that this week's move by the United States Supreme Court came seven months after the Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed Chauvin's conviction.

New documentary raises new questions about Floyd case

This week also saw Fox News host Jesse Watters tout a new documentary on Floyd's death and the subsequent riots called "The Fall of Minneapolis."

The film features investigative journalist Liz Collin, who is seen speaking with former members of the Minneapolis Police Department.

She also reviewed evidence suggesting that pre-existing health problems and a fentanyl overdose may have contributed to Floyd's death.

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