Supreme Court Ready For Cases That Could Take Back Power From Federal Government

 January 15, 2024

President Joe Biden could lose a large amount of his power surrounding the decisions regarding pollution, climate change, and many other topics.

Now, it is all in the hands of the Supreme Court.

They will soon meet to discuss the Chevron deference, an administrative law that allows federal agencies to interpret rules as they see fit.

Many conservatives have been skeptical of the Chevron deference since it was first put into place.

Some Democrats, however, feel the Chevron deference is a good measure that should be protected.

David Doniger of the Natural Resources Defense Counsel released his stance on the matter.

“This is a campaign to weaken government’s ability to protect you from these kinds of modern dangers whether they’re to your health through unsafe air or water or … through unsafe drugs or food or whether it’s your financial security,” said Doniger.

“Those protections require a government with some capacity to effectively respond, and this case is about destroying that capability,” Doniger concluded.

He's got a point.

However, many voices feel strongly that the government should be turning to experts on the subjects they are making decisions to gain the insight needed to make the correct call.

Andrew Mergen from Harvard Law School’s Emmet Environmental Law and Policy Clinic also shared his thoughts on the matter.

“What the doctrine recognizes is that within the government there are hard-working people who have developed an expertise on whether food is safe, on how you limit pollution from power plants, on how you ensure that our airplanes and automobiles are safe,” said Mergen.

“The doctrine promotes a regime … where experts do the gap filling and the alternative proposed by the alternative to Chevron is to have judges fill that gap,” Mergen continued.

“A judge who’s not trained as a pilot, I do not want flying my airplane,” Mergen concluded.
Mergen has a point there.

The only people who should be making a decision on policies that affect Americans, both this generation and generations to come, should be experts.

UNBIASED experts.

Joe Biden and his administration have got to be held accountable.

Reviewing laws they have been hiding behind like the Chevron deference is long overdue!

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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