Supreme Court refuses to expedite new maps in Louisiana favoring Democrats

 October 20, 2023

The Supreme Court has shot down a request to expedite the creation of new legislative maps that would favor the Democratic party in next year's House races.

Liberal groups had asked the court to step in and force Louisiana to begin drawing up a map with a second black-majority district. They argued time is of the essence, with the 2024 election just around the bend.

The court declined, leaving the issue to play out in a lower appeals court.

Supreme Court says NO

The case revolves around the Voting Rights Act, a landmark civil rights law that is meant to protect minority voting power.

Back in June, the Supreme Court took many by surprise by striking down maps in Alabama under the Voting Rights Act, finding the maps diluted the black vote.

A similar controversy is playing out in Louisiana, where 30 percent of the population is black, but black voters comprise a majority in only one district.

The state has been ordered by a federal judge to draw a new map with an additional black-majority district, but Louisiana is appealing the ruling.

Liberal groups asked the Supreme Court to intervene and jump-start the redistricting process after the Fifth Circuit appeals court pumped the brakes, saying Louisiana was not given enough time to draw a new map.

Voting Rights Act controversy

The Voting Rights Act seeks to remedy "vote dilution" by requiring a certain number of districts where racial minorities are in the majority. Some argue that this scheme unfairly gives guaranteed seats to certain races, but liberals argue it is necessary to prevent discrimination.

Ketanji Brown Jackson concurred with the Supreme Court's decision to stay out of the issue, but she urged the lower courts to resolve the matter before election time next year.

The case is pending before the Fifth Circuit.

The outcome of the controversy could have an impact on the House race next year. Democrats narrowly lost control of the House in the midterm elections last year, in which the current Louisiana maps were in play.

The Supreme Court's decision to not jump in has been met with howls of criticism on the left. They clearly want a partisan victory right away, not a decision based on law.

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