Supreme Court Reinstates Louisiana Majority-Black Congressional District

 May 16, 2024

The Supreme Court has made a decision.


Louisiana has been ordered to hold its congressional elections in 2024 using a map with an additional black majority district.

The 6-3 decision allows the use of a map with majority black populations in two of the state's six congressional districts, which raises the odds of Democrats controlling the House of Representatives after the 2024 election.

The court's decision came as a result of an emergency appeal by the state's top Republican elected officials. Black voters were apparently concerned that they "needed the justices to intervene to avoid confusion as the 2024 election approaches."

Justices on the high court did not discuss a lower court decision that found the map relied too heavily on race.

Instead of actually wading into that decision and commenting on what another court had already decided, the Supreme Court simply gave a different ruling with the same effect.

They didn't say that the map with majority black populations in two districts was good. Instead, they simply ruled to block "another new map to be drawn for this year’s election."

Democrats must be pumped about the ruling, but Donald Trump and the rest of Republicans will be trying their hardest to make sure that the GOP still has a shot in Louisiana.

Sure, making sure that 1/3 of the state will be represented by a demographic that doesn't generally vote red isn't exactly what Republicans wanted to see, but that's the hand they've been dealt.

Instead of sulking, Donald Trump is trying to make the best of the situation.

What can Trump do?

His plan is to try to win some black voters to the Republican side by actually caring about them, instead of just using them at the polls every four years like Joe Biden does.

Black and Latino communities have typically leaned Democrat, but Joe Biden has done such a terrible job in office that that doesn't seem like a certainty anymore.

We're not saying that Donald Trump actually has to collect a majority of votes in either of these categories, just that Joe Biden's bumbling administration has made black people and Latino people more likely to consider voting Republican.

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