Swedish civil defense minister tells citizens to prepare for potential war

 January 11, 2024

World attention has been focused on the war in Gaza ever since Hamas launched a horrifying attack against Israel this past October.

Yet in a move that would have come as a shock only a few short years ago, another country recently told its citizens that they need to "get moving" and prepare for a possible war of their own. 

Sweden's civil defense minister: "Who are you if war comes?"

According to the Daily Mail, Sweden's civil defense minister warned that conflict could be on the horizon and encouraged people to join civil defense organizations.

Carl-Oskar Bohlin's remarks came this past weekend as he addressed Sweden's annual 'Folk och Försvar' (Society and Defense) conference.

The government official asked his listeners, "Who are you if war comes?" and insisted that they take time to consider unpleasant possibilities.

Bohlin says this is the most dangerous time since World War II

"It is human to want to view life as you wish it was, rather than as it actually is," Bohlin acknowledged as he spoke in the city of Sälen.

"For a nation for whom peace has been a pleasant companion for almost 210 years, the idea that it is an immovable constant is conveniently close at hand," he continued.

"But," the civil defense minister went on to stress, "taking comfort in this conclusion has become more dangerous than it has been for a very long time."

"There could be war in Sweden... The world is facing a security outlook with greater risks than at any time since the end of the Second World War," Bohlin declared.

"Are you a private individual? Have you considered whether you have time to join a voluntary defense organization? If not: get moving!" he went on to state.

Volodymyr Zelensky suggests Russia will invade other countries if Ukraine loses

Bohlin's comments came just days before Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky alleged during a press conference that Russia may well target other nations aside from his own.

"He (Russian President Vladimir Putin) won't finish this (war), until we all finish him together," the Daily Mail quoted Zelensky as saying in Lithuania's capital city of Vilnius on Wednesday.

Ukraine's president later asserted that "Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova may be next" if his nation does not prevail in its war against Russia.

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