Taylor Swift makes headlines with new diamond studded bracelet

 February 3, 2024

While rumors have swirled online in recent days about whether pop star Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce are secretly engaged, a ring has yet to be spotted.

However, the music icon did show off some diamonds last weekend when she debuted a new friendship bracelet. 

Bracelet designer says she is "still shooketh" that Swift wore her product

According to Page Six, Swift was spotted wearing the bracelet this past Sunday after Kelce helped the Kansas City Chiefs score a victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

The piece of jewelry was created by a company called Wove and features the letters "TNT," which have come to serve as Swift and Kelce's nickname.

Page Six noted that Michelle Wie West is the item's designer, and in a statement she spoke of being "still shooketh that the QUEEN herself wore a bracelet that I designed!"

The website also explained that while Swift's bracelet retails for $6,360, more affordable versions can be purchased for $360, $470, and $1,030 respectively.

Pop star's name was mentioned at a 2019 NATO cyber defense event

Swift's choice of jewelry is not the only reason that her name has been in the news lately, as some conservatives have suspected that left-wing celebrity could be a government agent.

One of them is Fox News host Jesse Watters, who brought up the possibility during an episode of his show last month.

He stated that "around four years ago, the Pentagon psychological operations unit floated turning Taylor Swift into an asset during a NATO meeting."

Intelligence expert identifies Swift as being "a fairly influential online person"

"What kind of asset? A [psychological operation] of combating online misinformation," Watters continued before cutting to a clip from the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) in Tallinn, Estonia.

The footage showed a woman saying, "You came here wanting to understand how to just go out there and counter an information operation."

"The idea is social influence can help encourage or promote behavior change, so potentially as a 'peaceful' information operation," the woman stressed.

She was then shown highlighting an image of Swift before telling those in attendance, "I include Taylor Swift in here because she's...a fairly influential online person."

"Yeah, that's real," Watters said following the clip. "The Pentagon's PSYOP unit pitched NATO on turning Taylor Swift into an asset for combating misinformation online."

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