Taylor Swift stalker arrested after multiple attempts to break into her home

 January 21, 2024

Over the weekend, law enforcement detained an individual for an alleged attempt to break into Taylor Swift's residence in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.

The New York Police Department responded to a call reporting a "disorderly person" on Franklin Street, where the suspect was reportedly trying to gain access to a building, according to a statement from a police spokesperson.

The details

Although the police did not officially confirm that the man, whose identity is currently undisclosed, specifically targeted Taylor Swift's apartment, an eyewitness corroborated the attempt to enter her residence.

The witness recalled, "I first saw him around 1 p.m. — he went up to Taylor’s door. I’m not sure if he knocked or rang the doorbell."

The source revealed that the individual had been observed surveilling the neighborhood, particularly around Swift's residence, for several weeks.

More witnesses speak

Another resident living in proximity exclusively informed Page Six that they had noticed the same individual "lurking here for a month."

According to this resident, the man engaged in disruptive behavior, including "sleeping on the stoop, chain-smoking constantly, shouting, and generally making everyone uncomfortable."

The neighbor recounted an incident where the man explicitly expressed his intent, stating, "I want to see Taylor," when questioned about his presence before Christmas.

The arrest

Despite multiple calls to the police, no action was taken until the individual attempted to enter the building.

Detailing their encounter with the individual, the resident stated, "I asked him to leave this morning, and he just stared at me, catatonic. Total nutcase."

Law enforcement responded to the scene around 1:45 p.m. ET with several patrol cars, engaging with the alleged stalker for a few minutes before taking him into custody. Police clarified that the arrest was made due to an active and unrelated warrant for the suspect's apprehension. As of the latest update, the individual remains in custody and has not been released.

This incident raises concerns about the safety and security of public figures, especially celebrities, who may become targets of unwanted attention or potential security threats.

Taylor Swift, known for her global stardom, has faced incidents of unwanted intrusions in the past, underscoring the challenges she encounters in maintaining their privacy and safety, especially as she attends high-profile NFL playoff games of her boyfriend Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs.

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