Teachers' union boss says Biden has done more for schools than FDR

 December 15, 2022

In a bizarre move, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten recently claimed that President Joe Bide did more for schools than FDR.

Her statement left many observers shaking their heads, with the Daily Mail noting that Weingarten's words were quickly destroyed on social media.

Union chief "can't even remember" all of Biden's accomplishments

The organized labor leader's remarks came during a virtual educators event where she appeared on Monday alongside First Lady Jill Biden.

"I want to just say for a second what you and what the president has done. I can't even remember all the mnemonics of all the things that have been done," Weingarten declared.

"I'm a history teacher. It is more than any other president since FDR and maybe more than FDR," she went on to insist.

The Daily Mail pointed out how that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt "was known for implementing several initiatives that aimed to help American students, including the National Youth Administration fund for low-income families. "

Weingarten's lavish praise was met by derision on Twitter, with one platform user pointing to growing problems among school-aged children.

Leo Terrell: FDR opened schools, Biden shut them down

Attorney and conservative commentator Leo Terrell was unimpressed as well, calling the current president "an enemy of students."

"I'm a history teacher too, and I'm also a lawyer," Terrell told Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt. "Randi Weingarten got it wrong, Ainsley. Joe Biden has done more for teachers' unions, than students and parents."

"Joe Biden is not a friend of students. He has basically elevated the teachers' unions to cabinet status. Why? Because they have donated $18 million dollars to his campaign," Terrell continued.

"Ainsley, the bottom line is simply this: where Franklin Roosevelt opened schools up, Joe Biden closed schools with the permission and the cooperation of the union."

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