Ten teens indicted on federal charges for string of carjackings

 December 15, 2023

A senior FBI official announced this week that a group of 10 juveniles have been arrested in connection with a wave of carjackings. 

According to ABC News 7, FBI Assistant Director In Charge David Sunberg made the announcement at a press conference held on Tuesday.

One victim was robbed as she buckled up her child outside of school

Sunberg explained that the attacks took place in Washington, D.C. and Maryland with a variety of victims being targeted.

"It didn't matter what day or time of day or in what neighborhood," he explained, noting that the gang even robbed a woman who was buckling up her children in front of their school.

Sunberg was joined at the press conference by U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matt Graves, who brought indictments against the teens.

While Graves called for juveniles who commit serious crimes to be charged as adults, he complained that D.C.'s Youth Rehabilitation Act stands in the way.

Law shields those under 25 from facing mandatory minimum sentences

Passed in 2018, the legislation allows judges to exempt those under 25 from facing mandatory minimum sentences.

"We need to have a serious response to let people know that this is not a game. This is a real world and there will be real-world consequences," he declared.

Graves went on to address other potential carjackers, saying, "Whoever is telling you that these carjacked vehicles are free cars, that there won't be consequences if you’re caught, that you won’t get caught if you’re wearing a mask, is lying to you."

Meanwhile, D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Kathy Henderson also voiced criticism of the law during an interview with ABC News 7.

Six of 10 defendants to be held without bail for "dangerous and violent offenses"

The local politician pointed out that young criminals "are not even fully developed and yet they’re committing these heinous acts."

"That's the debate, but while we're debating that academically, while we're sitting around talking about what's best for children and our city, we also need to stop them," Henderson added.

ABC News 7 reported on Thursday that six of the 10 defendants appeared before a federal judge on Thursday who ordered that they be held without bail because of "multiple dangerous and violent offenses all involving firearms."

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