Tense moment between Biden, Harris as president kneels alone in photo

 January 19, 2023

Vice president Kamala Harris publicly snubbed President Biden during a photo-op with the Golden State Warriors, refusing to follow her boss's lead as he -- and he alone -- got down on one knee. 

Harris audibly said, "I'm not doing that" as Biden dropped to the floor, leaving the crowd red-faced over the miscalculated virtue signal.

Harris snubs Biden

Coach Steve Kerr could be seen mouthing "no" and gesturing uncomfortably as Biden, wearing a plastic grin, got down on one knee to an eruption of awkward laughter.

Harris, smiling nervously and cackling, shuffled a few steps away from her boss before flashing two thumbs-up.

After the photo, Biden scored some patronizing applause by popping up and crouching down in a stiff, athletic pose, in an apparent attempt to recover from his faux pas.

To kneel or not to kneel

The kneeling gesture was widely adopted by Democrats as a token of racial solidarity after the death of George Floyd in 2020.

At the time, Democrats were widely mocked for kneeling while dressed up in traditional African garb during a photo-op.

Apparently, Biden didn't get the memo that Democrats, including the Afro-Indian Harris, had moved on.

Tensions at the White House

The painful White House scene comes amid intensifying speculation about Biden's political future and that of Harris, whom Biden, 80, has often referred to mistakenly as the president.

There have long been rumors of tensions between Harris and her boss, who allegedly described her early on as a "work in progress."

Harris, who is from Oakland, California, took the opportunity to make some comments about her hometown at Tuesday's event.

"As a very proud daughter of Oakland, California, it gives me immense personal pride as the vice president of the United States to say, Dub Nation is in the house,” she said.

Biden's awkward, solitary virtue signal comes days after he commemorated the Martin Luther King holiday with a speech claiming that he used to go to a black church, insisting the wild claim was "not a joke."

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