Texas Democrats breaks with Biden administration on Title 42

 December 22, 2022

The Biden administration has asked the Supreme Court to strike down Title 42, a Trump-era COVID policy allowing illegal immigrants to be quickly removed. Yet in a move that is sure to leave the White House furious, even some within the president's own party are publicly opposing that decision. 

Breitbart reported that one of them is Texas Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, who voiced his concerns on Tuesday's episode of "CNN Newsroom."

Border Democrat says "most people" in his area support Title 42

Gonzalez told host Pamela Brown that "most people here in south Texas agree that enforcing Title 42, at least for the near future, is a good idea."

The Democratic lawmaker went on to say that the potential loss of Title 42 is "a huge concern all along the south Texas border where migrants have been building up on the other side of the border and a heavy lift for small communities…to handle."

"As you know, many of those communities have to use their own tax dollars to address the problem immediately," Gonzalez continued.

"And sometimes it takes years to be reimbursed by the federal government," the congressman pointed out, adding, "We’re still in a pandemic. I think most people here in south Texas agree that enforcing Title 42, at least for the near future, is a good idea."

Gonzalez added that COVID numbers "give the President all the cover in the world that he needs to hold Title 42 in place." He also complained, "the administration has been under a lot of pressure from some migrant activists to lift it and allow people in."

The lawmaker also addressed the issue in a series of tweets on Monday after the Supreme Court temporarily blocked a lower court ruling which would have ended Title 42.

Gonzalez's bill would allow people to apply for asylum outside the U.S.

"While I am relieved to see Title 42 stay in place, we are still facing a problem at our southern border unlike any in modern history," Gonzalez wrote.

"We need comprehensive, common sense and long-term solutions to solve these issues while ensuring the humane treatment of migrants, expelling criminals, and ensuring the health and safety of Americans," he continued.

After calling for additional Border Patrol funding, Gonzalez then touted a piece of legislation he introduced called "the Safe Zones Act."

He said the bill "will allow migrants to apply for asylum closer to their country of origin," something which "will relieve the pressure on our southern border and will also take the cartel element out of the equation."

This is not the first time that Gonzalez has taken issue with the Biden administration's approach to immigration, as last year he accused the White House of incentivizing illegal migration.

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