Texas sheriff leaves Democratic party

December 24, 2022

A Texas sheriff is leaving the Democratic party for the Republicans, another loss for the Dems as they embrace the welfare of criminals over decent, law-abiding people.

The Texas Republican party was proud to announce that Dwayne Villanueva, Sheriff of Karnes County, is leaving the Democrats.

Texas sheriff leaves Dems

Villanueva handily won re-election in 2020 as a Democrat in a pro-Trump county, running on a law-and-order platform.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi congratulated Villanueva on leaving the Dems, which he credited to their lawless policies.

“I am proud to welcome Sheriff Villanueva to the Republican Party. As Democrats increasingly abandon and cripple law enforcement, it is no wonder more people are turning to the Republican party.”

In a statement, Villanueva said, "I look forward to continuing the strong tradition of excellent law enforcement in Karnes County, which requires us to come together for a common cause and seek out leaders of integrity and merit.”

Democrat radicals in control

The sheriff did not list his reasons for leaving the party, but once can surmise what they might be.

Texas is on the frontlines of an unprecedented border crisis brought on by President Biden's immigration policies, and Democrats have been openly siding with criminals ever since the 2020 "defund the police" movement.

Villanueva has taken down some vicious criminals during his time on duty, including a serial arsonist, drug dealers, and murderers. In short, he doesn't sound like your average woke activist.

Democrats suffered a high-profile defection when Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema left the party this month, after distancing herself from Biden's border crisis for the past two years. However, Sinema has indicated she won't be caucusing with Republicans.

Doubling down

Pandemonium is already unfolding at towns along the border as they struggle to cope with an influx of immigrants looking to take advantage of the anticipated expiration of the Trump administration's Title 42 border policy.

Two Hispanic judges in Texas joined the Republican party earlier year, each citing Biden's border crisis as the reason.

“We have experienced an invasion that is something of every language,” said one of the judges. “We are trying to protect the sovereignty of Texas. I am a constitutional judge and we are standing behind the constitution.”

Just when it seemed Democrats couldn't get any more insane, Illinois will become the first state in the country to eliminate cash bail completely on New Year's Day.

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Thomas Jefferson
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