The chief of the police department in Washington DC will resign from his job

 April 27, 2023

Chief Robert Contee III of the Metropolitan Police Department has announced his intention to resign from his job, as The Washington Examiner reported.

The information that Contee will retire from the MPD and join the FBI was provided to NBC 4 Washington News by a high-level source.

It has been stated that his new position would be that of assistant director of the FBI, something that he is "thrilled" about.

The Announcement

On Wednesday, Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, District of Columbia, issued a statement on the upcoming departure of Contee. In the statement, she lauded his efforts for the city.

“Chief Contee was sworn in four days before January 6, 2021. Since his first week on the job, and over the past 33 years, he has been making Washington, DC incredibly proud," the statement began.

"He’s a son of DC who grew up in Carver Langston, joined the Metropolitan Police Department as a cadet at 17 years old, and now he’s ready for his next chapter," it continued.

"On behalf of our city, I want to congratulate Chief Contee on his retirement and thank him for his service to DC — for leading MPD with passion and purpose," it continued further.

"He has pushed our criminal justice system to do more and be better," it went on.

"He has led MPD through an incredibly challenging time for our country," it added, "from the pandemic to January 6th and navigating the effects of a shrinking department during a time when gun violence is exploding across the nation."

After concluding her remarks, Bowser expressed her conviction that the success of the police department will be unaffected by his departure. It is anticipated that June 3 will be Contee's last day working in his current capacity.

Contee's Work History

While serving as superintendent, Contee contended with a rise in violent crimes, particularly youth-related gun violence, according to NBC.

Each year that Contee was chief, the number of juvenile victims of firearm wounds increased between January 1 and April 20.

During those four months in 2021, 15 young persons were victims of gun violence; in 2022, there were 19 such incidents; and so far in 2023, there have been 32 such incidents. Contee stated, upon confirmation, that removing firearms from the streets was one of his top priorities.

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