The closed chambers transcript for the Delphi murder case was made public and judge is dealing with a 'urgent medical condition' 

 November 25, 2023

The judge who is supposed to preside over the trial of accused 2017 murderer Richard Allen, was admitted to the hospital because of an "urgent medical condition."

According to Fox 59's report, Judge Fran Gull had a meeting with the attorneys involved in the case on October 31, but on November 2, she had gone to her doctor complaining of feeling sick for several days.

Statements on The Judge

“Her doctor concluded that she required treatment for an urgent medical condition,” Allen County court administrator John McGauley said in a statement issued on Tuesday.  “Judge Gull was subsequently admitted to a Fort Wayne hospital for inpatient treatment for several days.”

Additionally, the statement mentioned that since Gull's hospitalization, other county judges and colleagues had been providing assistance with her caseload.

“Since then, she has been working from home in coordination with her Allen Superior Court colleagues,” the statement said. “Her fellow Criminal Division Judges are handling Judge Gull’s court calendar temporarily until she returns to the office, which she expects to be soon.”

Whether or not those judges and colleagues were assisting Gull in the case against Allen was not specified in the statement.

Meeting Transcripts

According to a report by The Daily Wire, the transcript of her closed-door meeting with Allen's former defense attorneys, Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi, was made public around the same time that Gull's condition was disclosed.

As first obtained by WTHR, the transcript indicates the judge had already planned the removal of the two attorneys prior to making the public announcement of their withdrawal from the case, something that could drastically change the face of the high-profile case.

The group addressed a leak of documents from Baldwin's office during the discussion attended by Carroll County Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland.

However, Judge Gull stated that this was not the main reason she wanted the attorneys removed from representing Allen.

Gull stated that the attorneys "potentially" breached the Rules of Professional Responsibility. She said that Baldwin was "grossly negligent" for sending a confidential email to a "Brad" who was not Rozzi, and she questioned whether or not the two attorneys had properly cooperated with a gag order that she had issued.

Concern from All Sides

In addition, she stated that she has evidence that the attorneys "left materials all over a conference-room table, accessible to anyone."

“It pains me to say this, but the totality of these circumstances demonstrate gross negligence and incompetence on the part of the defense team,” Gull said. “I am unsatisfied with your representation of Mr. Allen. I am gravely concerned about his rights to have competent, non-negligent representation. He currently doesn’t have that right now.”

Concerned attorneys who were not directly involved in the case filed a petition with the Indiana Supreme Court requesting Gull's replacement.

Allen, 51, is charged with the murders of Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, both 13 years old, in a case that has garnered significant national interest.

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