The little-known tale of the FBI's cursory investigation into Biden's golf club membership

November 10, 2023

Joe Biden, then a senator, was welcomed into Delaware's upper crust when he was granted membership to the exclusive Fieldstone Golf Club in August 2001.

Despite his image as "Middle-Class Joe," a blue-collar politician, Biden has ties to the du Pont family, who built a significant chemical industry, as revealed in a deep dive report by The Washington Post.

His connections to the du Pont family were solidified by his congressional service with a du Pont and his purchase of a du Pont-built home. Lisa Dean Moseley, heiress to the du Pont family, allowed Biden to join an exclusive group by founding the Fieldstone Golf Club.

Their connection has endured, as seen by Vice President Biden's at least 22 club visits throughout his presidency. However, due to the circumstances surrounding Biden's admission, federal agents had an interest in the club. In order to make room for Biden in Moseley's Fife Hills LLC, which she ultimately controls, the $34,000 first partnership fee was waived.

Biden's Membership

Despite the transfer of an "unused" membership warrant, Biden remained liable for all outstanding membership dues and other payments. In 2007, the FBI started investigating whether Senator Biden had profited unreported from this deal.

Biden's locker at the club was photographed as part of the examination into whether or not he was obligated to declare this perk. When the investigation was over, neither Biden nor Moseley (who passed away in 2016) were determined to have broken the law.

Biden has been able to successfully portray himself as a financially conservative politician while also navigating the lavish world of the du Ponts, and this investigation, which has never been made public before, sheds light on how he has done so.

Coming from a lower-middle-class background, Biden's acceptance into the du Ponts' (a family identified with affluence in Delaware) social circles was a significant deal.

Biden's father moved the family from Scranton, Pennsylvania to Wilmington, Delaware for the stability of the available DuPont positions.

Biden, on the other hand, decided over a more traditional career path at DuPont in favor of a career in law and politics because he wanted to earn more money.

FBI Investigation

The FBI investigated Biden's Fieldstone membership due to concerns that he may have concealed an undisclosed benefit from Moseley.

The study looked into whether or not the arrangement was analogous to a club's initiation fee, which would warrant disclosure. U.S. attorney's office in Wilmington, which oversaw the investigation, closed it without taking any further action, and it's unclear what happened to the case files.

The revelations from our inquiry add layers of complexity to Biden's tale and cast doubt on his previous claims of openness. The fact that Biden is currently serving as Vice President is evidence of his political accomplishments, but the fact that he has ties to a structure constructed by a du Pont family member is equally noteworthy.

Despite his newfound power, Biden maintains close ties to the elite of Delaware, as exemplified by his membership in the exclusive Fieldstone Golf Club.

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