'The RESTRICT Act is a terrifying bill Watershed moment for speech…' - Matt Taibbi

 April 4, 2023

Matt Taibbi, who earned recognition as the writer who broke several "Twitter Files" exposes, has come out vehemently against the hazardous TikTok ban that has evolved into the Stalinist "RESTRICT Act."

Matt referred to the RESTRICT Act as a "terrifying bill" and a "watershed moment" for the protection of free expression, according to Revolver News.

Why do Americans not learn from their previous errors? We must never return to this path of granting the government so much power, yet here we are.

Remember that a jury in Brooklyn, New York recently convicted Douglass Mackey of "conspiracy" for posting an anti-Hillary meme, and that he now faces 10 years in federal prison.

The actual threat to free expression in the United States comes from our own one-party government.

Other Reports

As Politico reported:

The measure, known as the RESTRICT Act, would grant the Commerce Department and the White House expansive new authority to prohibit or limit a vast array of Chinese communications and technology goods.

The law would deprive TikTok of a major legal defense that it used to thwart the Trump administration's ban attempt in 2020, and it is deemed essential to any move by the Biden administration to effectively prohibit the Chinese-owned app.

It appeared that this bill would sail through Congress and be on Vice President Biden's desk in record time.

The measure's sponsors, Democrat Mark Warner from Virginia and Republican RINO John Thune from South Dakota, performed their magic and persuaded more than 20 senators to endorse the bill.

Then, though, everything began to fall apart.

[...] prominent senators are now expressing ambivalence on RESTRICT. A right-wing opposition to the measure is intensifying. Yet leading Republicans in the House say that the Senate plan is too lenient on TikTok, disseminating disinformation in the process.

So, going too "easy" on TikTok is not the problem, nor is the tired "right-wing" "misinformation" bogeyman.

What the Restrict Act Could Mean

The question concerns the RESTRICT Act itself. It functions as a catapult for the government to control the whole internet and is a virtual gut punch to free expression.

Politico is turning this subject into a political pretzel in an attempt to conceal the truth that the RESTRICT Act is the Internet Patriot Act.

The RESTRICT Act appears to be a full-scale assault on the right and freedom of every Citizen to say and read freely what they want, when they want. In fact, Ron Paul referred to the RESTRICT Act as a "Patriot Act on steroids."

Government officials seem to be playing more games. They are using "China TikTok" to intimidate Americans into giving up their liberties once more.

Even after Elon Musk gained control of Twitter, the FBI and CIA reportedly continue to conduct shadow operations on a variety of social media sites, including Twitter. But, the U.S. government disregards this reality and wants you to be terrified of TikTok.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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