'The View' cohost has meltdown over Charlamagne Tha God's refusal to endorse Biden

 May 25, 2024

Sunny Hostin, one of the co-hosts of ABC's The View, is having a public meltdown because Charlamagne Tha God refused to endorse President Joe Biden during his recent appearance on her show. 

Hostin, according to Fox News, did so during comments on The View's Behind the Table podcast.

"I thought it was irresponsible to say that both candidates are trash, when you're comparing President Biden, someone who's done incredible things for this country and someone who is facing 88 charges, and four indictments and is clearly criminal, in my view," she said.

Hostin, overall, said she was "disappointed" in Charlamagne.


Charlamagne, the host of The Breakfast Club, made his appearance on The View on Wednesday.

There, the hosts tried to get Chalamagne to endorse Biden, but he refused.

"The reality is I think both candidates are trash, but I am going to vote in November, and I'm going to vote my best interest, and I’m going to vote for who I think can preserve democracy," he said.

"So if I think both candidates are trash and I don’t feel like endorsing one, would you rather me endorse an individual or endorse the fact that, hey, we need to go out and protect democracy?" Charlamagne added.

Just to be clear, here, Charlamagne is no supporter of former President Donald Trump. In fact, during his The View appearance, Charlamagne claimed that Trump was "a threat to Democracy."

"Strange" pressure

During a subsequent appearance on The Megyn Kelly Show, Charlamagne reflected on his appearance on The View. 

"I just think it's kind of strange where we are as a culture and as a society where it's almost like there's either one of two extremes," he said.

Charlamagne continued:

If you're a person who just simply chooses to be objective, simply chooses to look at, you know, both candidates and say, 'Hey, I think there's some right things here. There's some wrong things there. There's some good things here.' Just me being able to explore both options or all options that are out there' ... for some reason, it bothers people, and I don't understand why.

He may have a point here. But, overall, it appears as though, Charlamagne is a bit confused about what his political beliefs are. "I've looked at all of them," he said, referring to presidential candidates, yet it does not appear as though he has any answers.

Given this confusion, it is unclear why anyone would listen to what he has to say on the subject.

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