Thomas Massie Does NOT Support $16,000,000 Schiff Fine

 June 15, 2023

Representative Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, has said that he's NOT going to support anything that the House comes up with to fine Representative Adam Schiff for his involvement in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, and other liberals let a sham investigation happen despite knowing that the allegations that caused them were completely fabricated.

Hillary Clinton came up with the lie that Donald Trump was teaming up with Russia in order to discredit Trump around the time of the 2016 election.

Barack Obama knew she was lying and let it happen.

Joe Biden knew she was lying and let it happen.

Adam Schiff knew she was lying and let it happen.

As a result, Representative Anna Paulina Luna, a Republican from Florida, is trying to make at least one of them pay for their involvement in this.

The investigation into Trump's Russian ties when everyone knew they didn't exist wasted time, money, energy, and other resources that America doesn't really have extra of these days.

Even though all of the above is true, Republican Thomas Massie from Kentucky isn't going to go along with Anna Paulina Luna's plan to impose a massive fine on Adam Schiff.

The official penalty would be for abusing "his constituents' trust by pushing claims that Russia had meddled in the 2016 presidential race to help elect Donald Trump."

Schiff knew the claims were false at the time. He was also leading the House Intelligence Committee at the time. All reasons that he should have put America's interest over his own party's.

Massie's not ready to go that far quite yet though.

"Adam Schiff acted unethically but if a resolution to fine him $16 million comes to the floor I will vote against it," Representative Massie said.

"In fact, I’m still litigating a federal lawsuit against Pelosi over a salary reduction she imposed on me for my refusal to wear a mask."

"The Constitution says the House may make its own rules but we can’t violate other later provisions of the Constitution. A $16 million fine is a violation of the 27th and 8th amendments."

Are you siding with Thomas Massie or Anna Paulina Luna on this one?

Let us know in the comments below.

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