Three House Rules Committee members face resignation call from fellow Republicans

 April 19, 2024

House Speaker Mike Johnson is facing fierce opposition from some within his own party over bills that would provide $95 billion in aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

Yet in a stunning move, some of those battling against Johnson's agenda are being told by other Republicans to step down from their committee.

Rules Committee members threatening to block bills

As the Washington Examiner noted, Texas Rep. Chip Roy, South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman, and Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie are all members of the House Rules Committee.

According to the paper, all three lawmakers are threatening to vote against advancing the foreign aid bills to the House floor.

The Examiner explained that a bill cannot proceed to the House floor without approval from the Rules Committee unless the speaker suspends the rules.

However, doing so has the potential to backfire on Johnson, as it would also raise the threshold for legislation to be passed.

New York congressman says three should resign "immediately"

"We got to get the border in there somehow," Norman was quoted as saying. "The Ukraine vote has got to be tied to the border. And that’s what we’re working towards."

Yet Norman and his cohorts were met with condemnation from New York Republican Rep. Mike Lawler in a social media post.

"The three members who refuse to support the Speaker's agenda should resign from the Rules Committee immediately," Lawler wrote.

"If they refuse, they should be removed immediately. They are there on behalf of the conference, not themselves," he insisted.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants Johnson gone

Roy, Norman, and Massie are far from being Jonson's only antagonists, as one of the speaker's most prominent opponents is Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who publicly released a letter this month calling for the speaker's removal.

"Even with our razor-thin Republican majority, we could have at least secured the border, with it being the number one issue in the country and being the issue that is causing Biden to lose in poll after poll," Greene wrote.

"Instead, Mike Johnson worked with Chuck Schumer rather than with us, and gave Joe Biden and the Democrats everything they wanted, no different from how a Speaker Hakeem Jeffries would have done," she complained.

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