Three of Hunter Biden's attorneys file motion to be removed from case

 August 21, 2023

A judge recently dismissed several tax-related charges in the Hunter Biden investigation as a formality to allow DOJ prosecutors to file similar or new charges in a different jurisdiction. 

According to the Daily Caller, shortly after the legal maneuver, three of Hunter Biden's attorneys filed motions to withdraw from the case.

Hunter Biden is expected to be charged, to what degree is uncertain, in either Washington D.C. or possibly the Central District of California.

Critics slammed the move, saying it's simply a way to "judge shop" to get Hunter Biden the best possible deal or outcome of the new investigation headed by Special Counsel David Weiss.

Who resigned?

The Daily Caller reported that three Latham & Watkins LLP attorneys filed to be removed from Hunter Biden's ongoing case.

The outlet noted:

Latham & Watkins LLP attorneys Brian C. McManus, Timothy H. McCarten and Matthew S. Salerno filed a motion to withdraw as counsel the day after Delaware U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika granted the DOJ’s request to dismiss the tax charges in Delaware.

The motion filed by the lawyers read, "Brian C. McManus, counsel for the Defendant, Robert Hunter Biden, and respectfully requests this Honorable Court to withdraw all appearances for the law firm of Latham & Watkins LLP as counsel for the Defendant in the above-captioned matter."

It added: "Mr. Biden has been advised of, and consents to, our withdrawal. He also agrees this withdrawal will cause no material adverse effect or prejudice to him and remains completely satisfied with Messrs. Lowell’s and Jones’s continued representation of him."

It was widely speculated that the three lawyers intend to leave the case because of the high likelihood that Hunter Biden is charged in one of the two aforementioned districts.

Social media reacts

It didn't take long for social media users to react to the news that Biden lost more lawyers in his ongoing case that has bee filled with bizarre twists and turns.

"His sweet plea deal fell apart because he they were lying to the clerk. Now they are going to be in trouble too," one X user wrote.

Only time will tell if Hunter Biden is held accountable, or if he ends up with another "sweetheart" plea deal because of his last name. America is watching.

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