Tim Scott says Republican primary is not a two-man race

 May 26, 2023

Republican senator Tim Scott (Sc.) entered the Republican presidential primary to widespread skepticism, with many people viewing the horserace as a two-man contest between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis (R).

In an interview with Breitbart, Scott said that's "100 percent" not the case and that he has something unique to offer.

"My case is simple,” Scott told Breitbart News. “I believe America can do for anyone what America did for me. The important thing is restoring hope and creating opportunities—and protecting America."

Scott steps up

To his credit, Scott may not be the only one who sees unexpected openings in the field. There are reports that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) is gaining interest in running after DeSantis' recent stumbles.

The Florida governor's unconventional, glitchy Twitter launch Wednesday evening capped off a series of missteps that have left donors second-guessing his claim that he is a more competent alternative to Trump.

Scott is angling for a decidedly Reaganesque message of optimism, a contrast from the more aggressive brand of politics that Trump brought to the party in 2016.

"When I talk about restoring hope, I’m talking about the people climbing up the hard ladder where the rungs have been replaced because Joe Biden has pulled them out,” Scott told Breitbart.

Bloody battle

Scott's message has won such fans as Elon Musk, who participated in DeSantis' ill-fated Twitter launch, but some observers say it may have limited appeal in a time when Republican base voters want a "fighter" who will go to war with the left.

The fight between Trump and DeSantis is largely shaping up to be a referendum on which candidate is more fit to champion Republican voters, in what many see as an existential battle for the country's future.

Some would argue it's looking to be a one-man race, with Trump having established a commanding double-digit lead. But after officially launching his candidacy Wednesday, DeSantis is starting to take some aggressive shots at Trump on issues like COVID, criminal justice, and the border.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R), a former Trump ally turned critic who isn't afraid to open his mouth, is also expected to make a decision soon.

Regardless of who wins the nomination, it's shaping up to be a bloody primary indeed.

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