Tim Scott suggests Biden may bring about the end of the Democrat Party

 May 19, 2024

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) just suggested that President Joe Biden may be helping to bring about the end of the Democratic Party by losing one of the main things that has kept the party going, namely the "Black vote." 

Scott, who is believed to be on former President Donald Trump's running mate shortlist, made the remark during an interview that he did on Friday with Fox News Digital.

There, Scott commented on Biden's weekend plans, which were designed to try to obtain support from the Black community. There will be more on this in a moment.

Polls have suggested that Trump, in the upcoming election, could win historic support from the Black community, which typically overwhelmingly votes for Democrats.

Scott tells it like it is

During the interview, Scott suggested that the Black community is deserting Biden because he has hurt them with his economic policies.

"For 52 consecutive paychecks, Black folks, like the rest of Americans, lost spending power, because inflation was higher than wage increases. What does that mean? It means devastation to single moms like the one that raised me," Scott said.

Scott went on to say that the situation was reversed under Trump, which, according to him, is why polling is suggesting that Trump could earn significant support from Black voters in the upcoming election.

"The one thing that we can expect from the Biden administration is more of the same. More misery, more devastation, more catastrophes. That's one of the reasons why you see so many Black voters shifting to the GOP under Trump. Why? Because Donald Trump delivered," Scott said.

Statements like this are one of the reasons why Scott is believed to be on Trump's vice president shortlist.

Biden's weekend of  "pandering"

CNN reports that Biden, this past weekend, worked "to reverse an erosion of support among Black voters" by placing a "renewed focus" on them.

The outlet reports that Biden is doing so with a "string of events designed to commemorate civil rights milestones and address the next generation of leaders at Martin Luther King Jr.’s alma mater."

Scott has referred to this as Biden's "pandering tour."

"Historic shifts towards President Trump are already happening. Here's what we know: Without question, the pandering tour is because without the Black vote, there is no Democrat party," Scott said.

We'll have to see how this "pandering tour" works out for Biden and the Democrats.

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