Tim Scott's VP betting odds up as Trump throws abortion curveball

 April 12, 2024

South Carolina senator Tim Scott (R-Sc.) is up in the betting odds to be Donald Trump's running mate, as Scott makes a vigorous public audition for the role. 

ElectionBettingOdds.com has Scott up almost one percent over the past week, even after Trump shook up the VP race by making a sharp turn on abortion.

Scott is the leading contender in the tracker, with 20% odds, followed by South Dakota governor Kristi Noem at 12%.

Tim Scott's VP audition

Scott has vigorously backed Trump since ending his own short-lived bid for president.

The senator was mocked by some when Trump said Scott "must hate" Nikki Haley, the former governor of Scott's state, and Scott replied by telling Trump, "I just love you."

Sources close to the Trump campaign told the New York Post that Scott's efforts are being noticed. Scott's humility is reportedly a plus with the former president.

“It’s very clear that Tim Scott is doing everything he can to build his relationship with Donald Trump in an attempt to get picked as VP,” a source close to the Trump campaign said.

“It’s pretty clear he’s one of the people who is being considered.”

Abortion politics

It's unclear how Scott's standing will be impacted by Trump's shifting abortion politics.

Trump sent a clear signal this week that he wants to moderate on the divisive issue, rejecting calls for a national abortion ban. The move angered many pro-life conservatives and put daylight between Trump and some of his potential VP picks.

While running for president last year, Scott, a conservative Christian, criticized Trump for inching away from a federal ban.

"President Trump said he would negotiate with the Democrats and walk back away from what I believe we need, which is a 15-week limit on the federal level," Scott said at the time.

Scott's state of South Carolina has a six-week abortion ban, which may give Trump second thoughts.

The former host of The Apprentice has treated the VP search like a game show, leaving the country in suspense.

Other possible contenders include South Dakota governor Kristi Noem (R), Senator J.D. Vance (R-Oh.), and even Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl.), a former rival of Trump's from 2016.

"Tim Scott would make a great running mate. He’s well-liked by many, including President Trump,” a Trump campaign official told The New York Post. 

“However, all running mate talk at this point by anyone but Donald John Trump is pure speculation."

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