Top doctor doesn't believe Biden can pass a basic mental evaluation

September 24, 2023

President Joe Biden's mental acuity has been called into question over and over again as he struggles to complete sentences and continues to gaffe his way through the presidency.

Many believe he should be subjected to a cognitive exam, given that he's, you know, the leader of the free world and has to make critically important decisions that affect our daily lives.

Alarmingly, many experts, including Dr. Carole Lieberman, believe that Biden is so far gone at this point that he couldn't even pass a basic mental evaluation, The Western Journal noted.

Biden's cognitive health, or lack thereof, has also raised alarms from within the Democratic Party, with a growing number of Democrats -- most of whom remain anonymous because they're too scared of repercussions -- worried that his condition will ultimately mean a Republican presidential victory next year.

It's not his age

While many believe Biden, at 80, is simply too old to carry out his duties for another four years, Lieberman and others don't think age is the real issue. Rather, it's his cognitive struggles that the world sees on nearly a daily basis.

"It’s not about his being too old, " Lieberman said. "There are people a lot older who have their marbles and are very intelligent and know history and are able to know how to put this country in a good direction."

"So it’s not age. … It’s about his competency," the doctor, who has appeared on numerous television shows, said.

"If he took the test that I was offering him — this mini-mental status test, or some other kind of test of competency — there’s no way he would pass."

Recent polls have indicated that many Americans still believe Biden is simply too old to enter a second term.

Social media reacts

While many agreed with the doctor's assessment of Biden's current mental state, they also suggested that one doesn't need a medical degree to arrive at that conclusion, given what he's shown us for the past two years or so.

"None of the competency stuff matters. He’s doing exactly what he set out to do and that is to destroy America," one X user wrote.

Biden has made numerous gaffes over the past few weeks that seem to be getting worse.

What was once a funny political punchline has now morphed into an exceedingly dangerous situation for America, and really, for the world.

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