Top Florida donor for Gov. DeSantis found deceased in vehicle

 December 10, 2022

A shocking revelation rocked the camp of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last week as one of his popular donors was found dead in a car. 

According to the Washington Examiner, a man called Kent Stermon, 50, who happened to be under investigation by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in the weeks leading up to his death, was found deceased in his vehicle Thursday evening.

The investigation is said to be one involving alleged sexual misconduct. The investigation is still "ongoing," but authorities haven't confirmed its extent.

At this time, authorities also do not believe that foul play was involved in Stermon's death.

Details are light

Given that the investigation is still under wraps, for the most part, not much information is available at the current time.

A spokesperson for Gov. DeSantis released a statement on Stermon's death, writing, "The Governor and First Lady were shocked and saddened to hear of Kent’s passing, and their prayers (and our entire office’s prayers) are with his family during this difficult time."

The Examiner added: "Stermon served as the president of Total Military Management, a defense contracting company in the Jacksonville area, and had made at least $140,000 worth of political donations, including $50,000 to a group that favors DeSantis, according to financial disclosures."

Condo rental

Many on social media who are critical of the Florida governor slammed him for what they claim was DeSantis pretending not to know Stermon was under a possible sexual misconduct investigation by authorities. Some pointed out that Stermon had rented the Republican governor's former home.

Stermon was also appointed to DeSantis' transition team after he secured his first term as the governor of Florida.

He would eventually be chosen by the Florida governor to serve on the board of governors for Florida's state university system.

In the lead-up to his death, Stermon had also suffered a stroke and other undisclosed health issues.

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