Top Hamas leader Ahmed Bahar killed in Gaza

November 21, 2023

A senior leader of the Hamas terror organization has been killed by the Israeli Defense Force, according to reports.

Ahmed Bahar, the senior member of the terror group was injured in a recent airstrike and later died from his wounds.

The confirmation

"This Palestinian report coincided with an update from IDF's Chief Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, on Thursday night, who confirmed 'significant' attacks on underground facilities in Gaza, including locations in which senior Hamas officials were hiding," Israel's i24 News reported.

"Although Hagari did not confirm who had been eliminated, he said that these facilities were severely damaged, and the terrorist organization Hamas was trying to hide the results of the attacks," it added.

The strike

"Palestinian reports indicate a Hamas leader, Ahmad Bahar, has been killed in an Israeli strike in Gaza," the Times of Israel reported on Nov. 17.

"Bahar, 76, previously served as vice president of the Palestinian Legislative Council," it noted.

Eliminating rocket fire

"The IDF has successfully reduced rocket fire from the northern Gaza Strip by 80% since the start of the ground invasion, according to a report in Walla! news," All Israel reported.

"The decrease in rocket fire was due to the IDF's ability to destroy rocket launching sites found during maneuvers and by eliminating battalion commanders, company commanders, and department commanders of the Hamas units responsible for those launches," it continued.

The Israel-Hamas war, now over 40 days since its start on Oct. 7, continues as the IDF seeks to stop rocket attacks and secure the release of hostages.

Over 240 hostages were taken into Gaza by Hamas, in addition to the 1,400 Israelis killed during the terror attacks.

The latest elimination of a top leader shows Israel's resolve to track down those involved in the attacks and put an end to the group's ability to operate against the Israeli people.

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