Top Jack Smith prosecutor 'declined to prosecute' Clinton Foundation in 2016

 January 5, 2024

Prosecutor Jack Smith wants to stop Donald Trump from even suggesting that his trial is political in nature. That's going to get a little harder after a leading member of Smith's team was linked to the Clintons. 

The Clintons have come under fresh scrutiny over new details concerning their relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton infamously rode on Epstein's private jet, for what Clinton described as charity work.

In 2016, the FBI shut down an investigation into the Clintons' shady non-profit, the Clinton Foundation - with one of Smith's current prosecutors, Ray Hulser, playing a role.

Jack Smith linked to Clintons...

The details were included in the Durham report on the origins of the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane probe into the Trump campaign.

As Durham recalled, three different field offices opened a probe into potential crimes at the Clinton Foundation in 2016, but their efforts were stymied.

In February 2016, a meeting was held to discuss the probe. Hulser, the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section chief, expressed concern about the evidence, some of which came from the book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer.

Hulser "declined to prosecute" but maintained that U.S. attorneys were free to take up the case.

At a subsequent meeting, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe expressed frustration with the investigative interest in the Clinton Foundation and asked, "Why are we even doing this?"

Months later, then-FBI director James Comey ordered the New York office to "cease and desist" from investigating the Clinton Foundation.

Coming full circle...

While the FBI was cautious about investigating Clinton, the agency showed no reservations about opening a full-fledged probe into Trump's campaign based primarily on unverified opposition research that Clinton funded through the notorious Steele dossier, Durham noted.

The FBI also gave Clinton defensive briefings about potential foreign efforts to influence her campaign, a benefit that was denied to Trump. Intelligence that pointed to a Clinton campaign "plan" to tie Trump with Russia was ignored.

It's all coming full circle, as the Biden regime tries to railroad Trump's 2024 campaign with brazen, politically motivated prosecutions.

In a recent court filing, Smith urged the judge to ban Trump from even speculating that "politics" has anything to do with the prosecution of Biden's main electoral opponent.

Trump's 2016 victory caught the Dems off guard, but they're determined not to let it happen again. That's what Jack Smith's crazy witch hunt is really about.

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