Top leader leaves CNN after just one year

 June 8, 2023

CNN CEO Chris Licht is resigning from his role after just one year at the helm of the network.

Licht's announcement comes as he has worked to help the company earn back trust over the past year following CNN's new change to a different parent company.

The statement

“I have great respect for Chris, personally and professionally,” David Zaslav, president and CEO of CNN's parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, said in a statement.

“The job of leading CNN was never going to be easy, especially at a time of huge disruption and transformation, and he has poured his heart and soul into it. While we know we have work to do as we look to identify a new leader, we have absolute confidence in the team we have in place and will continue to fight for CNN and its world class journalism,” he added.

The issues

"Licht joined the network just one year ago in an attempt by leadership to reorient coverage back to its non-partisan posture after years of publicly feuding with the Trump administration," Trending Politics News reported.

"His ouster comes after a lengthy story in The Atlantic describing a toxic workplace and quoting subordinates worried about the rudderless news network," it added.

“This was an exciting but incredibly challenging assignment and I learned a lot over the past 13 months,” Licht said in a statement.

Fulfilling career

“I’ve been lucky enough to have had a successful, fulfilling career and I look forward to my next chapter. I wish the team at CNN the very best, always," he added.

During his tenure, the network cut several veteran hosts and changed several shows.

Conservatives were largely happy to see some opponents, such as Don Lemon, go as part of the effort to make the network more focused on journalism rather than opinion.

The new effort hasn't changed ratings enough, however, with a move now in place to find the next leader to help improve the situation at CNN.

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