Top prosecutor in Trump's Georgia case was held in contempt

 January 15, 2024

A top prosecutor in Donald Trump's Georgia criminal case was held in contempt by a judge just days after charges were filed against Trump for "election interference." 

Divorce lawyer Nathan Wade was held in contempt for withholding information from his estranged wife about his finances, including income he received from working on the Trump case.

Wade's work has already been mired in controversy over an alleged affair with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Trump prosecutor EXPOSED...

The contempt charge raises further questions about Willis' ambitious case and her decision to appoint an inexperienced prosecutor like Wade to work on it.

Wade was allegedly paid over $650,000 for his work on the case against Trump and 18 others. One of Trump's co-defendants alleged last week that Willis had an affair with Wade, and that the two used Wade's payout from the Trump case to go on expensive trips.

Willis has been subpoenaed by Wade's wife, Joycelyn, in their ongoing divorce battle.

Wade was held in contempt on August 17 after he ignored a judge's warnings to share financial documents with his wife.

“It is clear that Plaintiff is unwilling to cooperate and will not comply unless compelled to do so by order of this Court,” Judge Henry R. Thompson wrote.

Willis breaks silence

Amazingly, the contempt citation was handed down just days after Willis charged Trump and 18 others with "racketeering."

Willis defended herself and Wade in a speech at an Atlanta church on Sunday, where she labeled her critics racists. Willis and Wade are both black.

"You cannot expect black women to be perfect and save the world. We need to be allowed to stumble," she said.

She made no mention of the contempt citation as she called Wade a "great lawyer" with "impeccable credentials."

Trump said Sunday that he "can't imagine" the case will proceed after what has been "exposed."

“She gave him a million bucks to go get Trump, and then they go on vacations, spending the million bucks,” he said. “The nice thing is, it gets exposed. Eventually, it gets exposed ... See, when the system works, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Judge Scott McAfee, who is overseeing the Trump trial, has set a date in early February to consider the allegations against Willis.

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