Top staffer of New York AG Letitia James resigns

 December 3, 2022

The New York Times reports that Ibrahim Khan has resigned amid multiple sexual harassment allegations. 

Khan, before his resignation, was the chief of staff for New York Attorney General Letitia James's office. Before that, in 2013, he worked for James when she ran to be a New York City public advocate. And, going back even further, to 2008, Khan worked for the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

James is known, as much as anything, for her ongoing prosecution of former President Donald Trump's organization. James is prosecuting the Trump Organization for tax violations in a case that Trump insists is politically motivated.

Now, however, James, who was just reelected in November to a second term as New York's attorney general, is having some more problems in her own office - it wasn't too long ago that she was handling the sexual misconduct allegations against former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).


According to the Times report, Khan has been accused of "inappropriate touching and unwanted kissing by at least one woman."

In response, James hired a law firm to investigate the allegations. And, it appears that the investigation turned up at least some evidence supporting these allegations.

The Times reports that the allegations of at least one woman, who had filed a complaint, were substantiated by the investigators.

The Times also reports that this woman had been notified of the investigator's findings on Friday.

More specifics, however, are difficult to come by.


James's office has released a statement on the matter.

The statement reads:

The Office of Attorney General has protocols in place to thoroughly investigate any allegation of misconduct. The office takes these matters with the utmost seriousness, and this situation is no different. An independent, impartial investigation was conducted, and the employee has since resigned.

This would seem to suggest that Khan resigned because of the findings of the investigation. Khan, however, has disputed this. Khan has also disputed that any wrongdoing was found by James's investigation.

In his own statement, Khan said:

After a successful four-year term, I’ve been slated to leave the office for the private sector at the end of this year. This is unrelated to an investigation which, nevertheless, found no official workplace misconduct. I’m proud of all we have achieved over these past four years in serving New Yorkers.

So, was it cause and effect or just bad timing? You be the judge.

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