White House transcript of Biden's NAACP speech in Detroit contained at least nine corrected errors

 May 23, 2024

President Joe Biden's tendency to utter gaffes in his speeches, including mispronunciations and misstatements, has become noticeably worse since he entered office in 2021, so much so that the White House can no longer disguise or hide them from the public.

One recent example was Biden's campaign speech at an NAACP event in Detroit, Michigan, in which the official White House transcript of his remarks contained at least nine apparent corrections of the president's mistakes, according to Fox News.

Those corrections in the transcript, which appeared in brackets following a strikethrough on the mistake, ranged from blatantly false claims and incorrect facts to missed or mispronounced words and other grammatical errors and mix-ups.

White House transcribers were kept busy

The New York Post reported on the "brutal" corrections from the White House on President Biden's Sunday speech to the Detroit chapter of the NAACP, which granted the gaffe-prone Democratic president a "lifetime achievement" award as he pandered for the black vote.

Arguably the most egregious of Biden's errors was his apparent claim that he was still the vice president during the 2020 pandemic despite leaving office three years earlier. What he meant to refer to, according to the White House, was the economic recession of 2009.

Biden said, "And when I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic [recession], and what happened was Barack said to me, 'Go to Detroit and help fix it.'"

Another major mix-up came when the president discussed his efforts to bolster the Affordable Care Act and seemed to suggest that his actions helped families save hundreds of thousands of dollars each in insurance premiums when the real number was less than $1,000 per family.

Biden erroneously claimed, "I protected and expanded the Affordable Care Act, saving millions of families $800,000 in prem- -- $8,000 [$800] in -- a year in premiums."

Biden's many mispronunciations

The Post noted that several of President Biden's corrected flubs involved mixed-up, mispronounced, or missing words and letters altogether, and his hosts at the NAACP event were not spared from the president's many gaffes.

On accepting the lifetime achievement award, Biden said, "Folks, I’m humbled to receive this organization [award], which defines the character and consequence of what we do," then later messed up the name of the organization itself, as he said toward the end of his speech, "The NAAC [NAACP] spirit endures."

Other mistakes included mispronouncing "inspiring" as "inspiresing," "insurrectionists" as "irrectionists," and mistakenly claiming that his administration was "cracking down on corporate landlords who [to] keep rents down," among other errors, such as falsely claiming that former President Trump warned of "bloodshed" if he wasn't elected when he instead cautioned of an economic "bloodbath" for the auto industry if Biden remained in charge.

Nearly 200 corrected mistakes in just five months

In late April, the Daily Caller reported that it reviewed all of the official White House transcripts of President Biden's 118 public remarks since the beginning of 2024 and counted at least 148 corrections that had been made -- a number that didn't include dozens of relatively minor grammatical fixes.

What was included were at least 20 mistakes involving names and titles of people and places, a similar amount of mess-ups while discussing healthcare, more than a dozen mixed-up numbers, and more than a dozen erroneous pronouns.

Biden has since then uttered several dozen more gaffes that needed to be corrected, and it is no wonder that NBC News found in a February poll that a combined 76% of voters had "major" or "moderate" concerns about the elderly president's declining physical and mental fitness -- including a majority of Democrats -- as he seeks another four-year term in office.

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