Trump alludes to 'weird story' about Pelosi's husband after she likens him to 'scared puppy'

 August 7, 2023

Former President Donald Trump appeared in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia last week where he pleaded not guilty to four federal charges that stem from his having disputed the 2020 election results.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reacted to Trump's court appearance with a series of disparaging remarks. Yet as Fox News noted, the former president was quick to shoot back, calling Pelosi "sick."

Pelosi calls Trump "a scared puppy"

According to Fox News, Pelosi's comments were made this past Friday during an interview with MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports."

"I saw a scared puppy," the former House speaker insisted, adding, "I didn’t see any bravado or confidence or anything like that. He knows the truth that he lost the election, and now he’s got to face the music."

Fox News noted that Trump was quick to take issue with Pelosi's comments in a post on his social media platform Truth Social.

Trump alludes to "very weird story" involving Pelosi's husband

He declared that the "millions" of viewers who saw him enter the courtroom on television "didn’t see" what Pelosi described.

"I wasn’t 'scared,'" Trump insisted. "Nevertheless, how mean a thing to say! She is a Wicked Witch whose husbands journey from hell starts and finishes with her."

The former president went on to characterize Pelosi as being "sick" as well as a "demented psycho who will someday live in HELL!"

"I purposely didn’t comment on Nancy Pelosi's very weird story concerning her husband, but now I can because she said something about me, with glee, that was really quite vicious," Trump added.

Paul Pelosi pleaded guilty to DUI following accident

While it was not clear what "weird story" Trump was speaking of, although he may have been referring to speculation that Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, may have had a previous relationship with the man who brutally attacked him last year.

On the other hand, Trump may have been making reference to something connected with Paul Pelosi's alcohol consumption. In 2022, Pelosi pleaded guilty to driving under the influence following a car accident.

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