Report: Trump ally Bernie Kerik shared 'incriminating' info about attorney Sidney Powell with Special Counsel Smith

 August 12, 2023

Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor turned defense attorney who was briefly part of former President Donald Trump's legal team in the aftermath of the 2020 election, could soon find herself in potentially serious legal jeopardy.

That is because an ally of Trump is said to have recently provided "incriminating" information about Powell and her post-2020 election activities to investigators working for Special Counsel Jack Smith's team, according to an exclusive report from Rolling Stone.

What that suggests is that Powell, who is believed to be among the several unnamed and unindicted co-conspirators mentioned in Smith's second indictment of Trump, could be on the receiving end of a criminal indictment of her own from the special counsel in the near future.

"Incriminating" information about Powell shared with special counsel

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, a close ally of former President Trump, reportedly sat Monday for an hours-long interview with special counsel investigators, according to Kerik's attorney, Tim Parlatore, who previously served on Trump's legal team, and at least part of that conversation was focused on the actions of Sidney Powell.

"Based on the contents of their questions, and my understanding of criminal law, the main individual who was discussed who Mr. Kerik gave any information that could be incriminating would be Sidney," Parlatore told Rolling Stone. He noted that Kerik told investigators "That there was no back-up for anything she said, that when she was asked to provide proof she didn’t produce anything, and when she was cut loose [from the Trump legal team], how she kept trying to push her way in."

"During Bernie Kerik’s interview with the special counsel’s office, the issue of a possible mental health break and change in her demeanor and personality was discussed," Parlatore said of Powell, and specifically noted that the term "lunatic" had been used as a descriptor of the possibly targeted attorney.

"Sidney's f--cked," one source claimed

Rolling Stone further reported that according to other unnamed sources, prosecutors have increasingly focused on Powell and "multiple witnesses have been grilled" about her conduct in the months that followed the 2020 election, both in the legal realm and behind the scenes.

That includes questions about if she ever offered up any actual evidence to support her claims of widespread election fraud, particularly involving voting machines, and if she ever expressed any personal doubts about the claims she was advancing, as well as any contacts she may have had with members of Congress or state-level elected officials.

The outlet noted that sources said Powell appears likely to face "a heavy amount of legal exposure" in Smith's probe. One anonymous source described as having been in the room with investigators recently said simply, "Sidney's f--cked" -- an assessment to which Kerik's attorney Parlatore said, "I agree."

Powell believed to be unindicted "Co-conspirator 3" in latest Trump indictment

The Washington Post reported last week that it is strongly believed that Sidney Powell is identified as "Co-conspirator 3" in Special Counsel Smith's latest indictment against former President Trump, who himself is accused of having "embraced and publicly amplified" her unproven allegations of voting machine fraud that even he is said to have privately acknowledged sounded "crazy."

Powell, who gained a measure of fame among conservatives as the defense attorney for embattled former Trump adviser Gen. Mike Flynn, joined Trump's legal team after the 2020 election and filed a number of lawsuits in several states that challenged the reported results as fraudulent due in part to the alleged hacking of voting machines.

Per the indictment, Trump had at one point considered naming Powell as a special counsel tasked with investigating alleged election fraud, but ultimately she was pushed out and away from his legal team as her unproven theories were tossed out of court and maligned in the media.

Powell has already been sanctioned for legal misconduct

In June, Reuters reported that court-ordered sanctions against Powell and others associated with her that were imposed by a district judge in Michigan had been mostly upheld on appeal by a panel of the Sixth Circuit, which agreed that the fraud allegations she pushed were "baseless, frivolous or even refuted" by her own legal filings.

Powell was not disbarred as part of those sanctions, but she and five other associates were ordered to collectively pay $152,000 -- reduced from an initial liability of $175,000 -- and ordered to undergo no less than 12 additional hours of continuing legal education courses, presumably to refresh their memories of what is and isn't allowed to be included in legal filings in court.

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