Trump Asks Federal Court To Throw Out 2020 Election Case

 December 25, 2023

There's one thing I know about Donald Trump.

The man can't stop winning.

He proved it in 2016, when he defeated Hillary Clinton in an election that nobody gave him a chance to win.

In 2020, despite "losing" the election, Donald Trump made history as well.

During that election, he became the person who has collected the most votes for president in the history of America. Literally no other human being has EVER had more votes cast for them to become America's president than Donald Trump has gathered over the last two elections.

Anything more than a disaster would simply add to his lead in that category.

Not only has Trump won his fair share of elections in the past, he's continuing to build momentum for the future as well.

With each new indictment and set of charges against him, Donald Trump only seems to increase in popularity.

You simply can't keep this man down, and that's just what his enemies are learning, no matter who they are.

They're all criminals.

Alvin Bragg, Joe Biden, Arthur Engoron, Alvin Bragg, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, the Obama family...

All of these tricksters have been out to get Donald Trump lately, and they're not even trying to be fair why doing it.

Instead of pursuing justice and honor, these characters are only after one thing:

Trying to distract Donald Trump so much that he can't possibly win the 2024 election.

Despite Donald Trump never attending a single Republican debate, his popularity is skyrocketing.

Liberals know they're not going to beat him fair and square, so they're just trying to make Donald's life tougher.

They know they can't sap him of his fans, so they're trying to get him anyway they can.

By going after his wallet, his family, his team, his energy, and his time, liberals are gambling that at least one of those problems will keep Donald from putting his full focus on the 2024 election.

That's why Trump is asking a federal appeals court to "dismiss the federal election subversion case against him on the grounds of being protected by presidential immunity, just days after the Supreme Court ruled it would not weigh in."

Trump knows that liberals aren't going to fight fair.

His best chance could be to not let them fight him at all.

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Thomas Jefferson
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