Trump attacks Fox News host over 'hit piece'

 May 24, 2023

Former President Donald Trump has had a tense history with Fox News after many complained that it prematurely called Arizona for Joe Biden in 2020.

The animosity flared up again this week when Trump attacked Fox News star Laura Ingraham over what he called "a hit piece."

Pundit says polls show Biden "consistently beating Donald Trump"

According to The Hill, Trump was reacting to a segment Ingraham aired on Monday night which featured Common Sense Society executive director Chris Bedford.

The two discussed recent polls regarding next year's presidential race, with Bedford suggesting that former President Donald Trump would face an uphill battle should he become the Republican Party's nominee.

"Joe Biden is running pretty badly behind a generic Republican figure like a Ron DeSantis or Tim Scott," Bedford said before adding, "But he’s consistently beating Donald Trump."

The Hill noted that those comments brought a furious response from Trump on alternative tech platform Truth Social.

Trump: "I do MUCH better against Biden" than Ron DeSantis

"Laura Ingraham on FoxNews just did a hit piece on me (there go her ratings!) showing some polls which indicate that Ron DeSanctimonious may do better against Biden than I would, when actually polls show that I do MUCH better against Biden than 'Rob,'" Trump wrote.

"The poll your looking at now, which has me doing far better against Crooked Joe, was just put out by FOX, I am sure unhappily," the former president continued.

"I’m also leading DeSanctus by over 40 points in Primary Voting. Watch Greg Kelly on Newsmax at 10:00 P.M," he went on to add.

The Hill reported last month that a Public Opinion Strategies survey found DeSantis was better suited to challenging President Joe Biden in the key swing states of Pennsylvania and Arizona.

The hypothetical matchup had DeSantis beating the president by three points in Pennsylvania and six points in Arizona. Meanwhile, Trump was shown as losing to Biden in both states.

Survey shows Trump beating Biden in Rust Belt states

However, those findings contradict a Richard Baris poll carried out this month in the Rust Belt states of Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

It concluded that 46.9% of Rust Belt voters backed Trump versus 38.1% who favored Biden. Yet when given a choice between Biden and Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, the president came out 4.4 points ahead.

Meanwhile, nearly all polls consistently show that Trump is the clear favorite to win the GOP nomination, with a recent Harvard CAPS/Harris survey putting him 46 points ahead of DeSantis.

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