Trump attacks judge in civil fraud case over gag order fine

 October 28, 2023

Fox News reported that former President Donald Trump was fined $10,000 this past week by the judge presiding over his New York civil fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Yet while Trump lost in the courtroom, his reaction suggests that he is more focused on winning over public opinion. 

Judge calls Trump to the witness stand, finds his words to be "not credible"

The fine was imposed by Judge Arthur Engoron, who ordered Trump to take the witness stand on Wednesday and answer questions about comments he made to the press a day prior.

The former president had singled out "a person who’s very partisan sitting alongside," a figure Engoron took to be his court clerk.

Trump insisted that the person in question was Michael Cohen, his former lawyer who testified against him on Tuesday.

However, Engoron declared that Trump's explanation was "not credible" and found that the remarks were instead directed towards his court clerk, someone the judge described as being "very close to me."

Trump calls Engoron a "radical left judge" in Truth Social post

Yet The Independent noted that Trump appeared to be undaunted by the ruling and began attacking the judge on his social media platform Truth Social.

The former president described Engoron as a "radical left judge" who is "tyrannical and unhinged" due to having "gone crazy in his hatred for Trump." He also took aim at Attorney General James, accusing her of being a "racist" with "no case."

"This is Judicial Misconduct, coupled with Prosecutorial Misconduct, and somebody from the State of New York must step in and stop this Complete [and] Total Miscarriage of Justice!" Trump went on to add.

Judge threatens Trump with jail time

Wednesday's $10,000 fine came just days after Engoron imposed a $5,000 fine over a separate alleged gag order violation.

NBC News reported that the judge became "livid" after it emerged that a post Trump had deleted from Truth Social continued to be visible on his campaign website.

"Last night I learned the offending post was never removed from a website. This is a blatant violation of the gag order. I made it clear [that] failure to comply will result in serious sanctions," Engoron was quoted as saying.

While one of Trump's attorneys apologized and explained that the alleged violation stemmed from a "truly inadvertent" oversight, Engoron was unimpressed and went on to threaten the former president with jail time.

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