Trump attorney grills goes after Michael Cohen over profane TikTok video

 May 15, 2024

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg called disgraced former attorney Michael Cohen to testify in former President Donald Trump's hush money trial.

Yet in a humiliating move, one of Trump's defense attorneys grilled the star witness over a video he posted to social media. 

Cohen called Trump lawyer "a little s--t"

Breitbart reported that the questioning grew heated when lawyer Todd Blanche highlighted the profanity which Cohen had lashed out at him with.

"We've never met, but you know who I am, don't you?" Blanche was quoted as asking the witness, who responded that he did.

Blanche then demanded to know whether Cohen had referred to him as "a little s--t" in a video he posted to the social media platform TikTok.

"Sounds like something I would say," Cohen replied, after which Judge Juan Merchan told Blanche to approach the bench. Merchan subsequently ordered that Blanche's question be stricken from the record.

Former prosecutor says he would be "furious" at Cohen

This was far from being Cohen's only foray into social media, with ABC News reporting last months that his penchant for posting anti-Trump videos could create problems Bragg.

ABC News contributor Chris Timmons is a former Georgia prosecutor, and he said that Cohen's antics would make him "furious."

"As a prosecutor, the last thing you want your witness to do is to be talking about the case in a forum other than the courtroom," Timmons declared.

Defense attorney and former Manhattan assistant district attorney Jeremy Saland offered a similar perspective, saying, "If I'm the prosecution, I'm on the phone right now saying, 'Stop what you are doing -- right now."

Attorney believes Trump team will "weaponize" Cohen's statements

"I can't make you, but you need to stop for your own sake because it's going to get worse for you in that courtroom. And you are compromising the case," Saland continued.

Saland said he had "no doubt that team Trump is scrutinizing and listening and watching whatever they can, and they are rightfully going to weaponize it in a court of law to tear down his credibility."

For his part, Cohen provided a statement to ABC News saying that he "elected, out of respect to the court and the prosecutors, to cease commenting on Trump and this matter."

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