Trump attorney has 'zero concerns' about fraud ruling, promises to win on appeal

 February 19, 2024

Former President Donald Trump suffered a legal setback last week after New York Judge Arthur Engoron ordered him to pay $364 million in a civil fraud suit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

However, the head of Trump's legal team says the former president is confident that Engoron's conviction will be overturned. 

"President Trump has done nothing wrong"

According to the Daily Wire, attorney Alina Habba made that assertion on Friday when speaking with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

"I think the biggest message I can give the American people tonight is that he’s not going to get away with it," the Daily Wire quoted Habba as saying of Engoron.

"Letitia James is not going to get away with it; the Biden administration is not going to get away with it," Habba continued.

Habba went on to contend that she and Trump's other lawyers "come hard" and "literally fight until the truth comes out," stressing, "President Trump has done nothing wrong."

"All he has done is win a campaign, and that is scaring them because they know when he goes back in November 2024. He is going to clean house, and that is truly the problem. It’s not about Mar-a-Lago’s worth," she added.

Emails show banks were eager to do business with Trump

James alleged in her lawsuit that Trump had fraudulently inflated the value of his properties when applying for bank loans.

Yet as the Associated Press reported, emails from November 2011 were introduced in which then Deutsche Bank managing director Rosemary Vrablic could be seen characterizing Trump as a "whale" with whom the bank sought to do business.

What's more, Vrablic enthusiastically recalled a meeting she had with Donald Trump Jr., writing that the experience was "very nice" and "productive."

The defense introduced another email from Deutsche Bank co-chair Anshu Jain that suggested "leveraging Mr. Trump’s personal and professional network within the real estate industry."

"We will win in the appellate division"

Later, Habba took aim at the New York attorney general's approach to decorum, complaining that "Miss James had her shoes off in court."

"She had a Starbucks coffee in her hand, she wasn’t doing work, she wasn’t sitting at the council table, she was in the back with her shoes off and a coffee," Habba said.

"At the end of the day, we’re sitting there looking at this, going, 'This is the state of our country.' AGs are so comfortable in court that they know that they don’t even have to do the job, they don’t have to do the work, they’re going to let their people do it, they’re going to sit there and they’re going to win," she declared.

Later, Habba assured Hannity's viewers that last week's verdict will be appealed, insisting, "We will win in the appellate division. I have zero concerns about that."

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