Trump blames Biden for barbaric Hamas attack

 October 11, 2023

The carnage in Israel has given President Trump a fresh opening to attack his rival Joe Biden as a weak leader.

In a speech in New Hampshire Monday, Trump claimed the Hamas invasion would "never have happened" if he were still president.

Trump slams Biden on Israel

More than 100 people are being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, including American citizens, and over 1,000 have been slaughtered since Hamas militants started raiding border communities Saturday.

Trump blasted the attacks as the consequence of Biden's weak leadership on the world stage.

"Vicious. Young children were just slaughtered... When I was your president, we had peace through strength, and now we have weakness, conflict, and chaos. The atrocities we're witnessing in Israel would never have happened if I were president," Trump said.

Trump singled out Biden's decision to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian assets in exchange for the release of American prisoners. The Biden administration has stood by the move, which they insist has no link to the Hamas invasion.

Border connection

The attacks in Israel have also raised fresh fears of Islamic terrorism in the U.S., an issue that Trump targeted in 2016.

Trump linked the Hamas assault with the southern border crisis, warning that Biden is allowing terrorists to pour into the United States.

"With people pouring into our country and we have no idea from where they come, the same people, in many cases, the same people that just attacked Israel, you know that, right?" Trump said.

"Can you imagine what this guy (Joe Biden) has done to us-what he's done to us? That would have never happened. The attack on Israel would never, ever have happened," he said.

Trump the peacemaker

Trump has similarly argued that Biden's weakness emboldened Putin to invade Ukraine, something Putin did not do during Trump's four years in the White House.

There are fears the conflict in Israel could spread if Hezbollah opens up a second front in the north of Israel. Trump warned that the conflict is "going to spread very quickly," echoing comments he has made about the war in Ukraine escalating into World War III.

“What a difference a president makes," Trump said.

Israel's army is expected to launch a land invasion of Gaza, which has been under heavy bombardment for days.

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